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Zia Judicials was founded due to the sub-standards of education provided by the existing institutes at very high prices. Zia Judicials is located in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi and is the fastest-growing judicial institute among Judicial Services Coaching Institute in India. Zia Judicials believes to develop a unique methodology that is totally different from the conventional teaching methods and gives special attention to the students and helps them to overcome their shortcomings. It aims to provide the overall development of students and gives them clear concepts and focus to develop their personality.

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“To Impart Education is the Solemn Responsibility which every Individual, Endeavour; This is your benevolence to the society."

Zia Ul Mustafa Ansari


Managing Head ZJ-LRC Desk

Mr. Rajinder Pal Singh

This gives me an immense opportunity & great honor to provide insight into our Legal Research Cell. The effort of work we do along with the creativity and energy of our team gives to legal & research challenges.
I have started my journey as Law Student in the year 2016 which boosted me to attend workshops, seminars, and conferences. I have participated in various National & International Seminars / Conferences for the new learning experience and knowledge. I have interned at Bureau of Police Research & Development (BPR & D), New Delhi which has Given me a throughout knowledge of research work and conferences for Students. At LRC we take pride as a recognized institution which focuses on combining awareness of our students need and strong work ethics to deliver the best legal solutions to the success of students. Our dynamic and result oriented approach continues to ensure this LRC will be ranked nationally as one of the leading institutions. As a Managing Director, I am very Confident about Law students and their professional future prospects and our vision is to be the premier institute in the field of Law.

From Founder Desk

Mr. Zia Ul Mustafa Ansari

I always endeavor to find my medium to return what I get from society and the nation; the best way to return your nation is the asset of education. Starting Zia Judicials was the first step to words this quest. But keeping this flow of education restricted to some concentrated place makes me concerned more and more every day.The result of continues concerned and desire to impart education and share knowledge results in the origin of “Zia Judicials Legal Research Cell”. With the aim to spread the fragrance of education all over the universe Zia Judicials owes a duty towards the nation. ZJ-LRC aims to organize legal aid camps, workshops, seminars, talk shows and many more.

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